We are a company located in coffee region, which was created in 2013 with great projections for our three production lines.


As our region has a huge agricultural potential, we have an easy access to fruits, vegetables and tubers; for this reason, the company FRUGOSITAS decided to start processing this products.



Our mission is provide the consumer a different option with excellent quality and natural benefits, under a healthy and innovative concept. We work together with the producers and marketers in an efficient and profitable system development, offering a great service and high quality.


Be the leading company in the processing of fruits, vegetable, tubers and drink in coffee region. Offer an innovative products portfolio according with market tendencies in respect of flavor, nutrition and design.


Quality Policies


FRUGOSITAS, compromised solemnly with the continuous improving of their productive processes, determine:

  • Create alliances and commercial integration with producers and companies of the region based on financial principles that encourage both parties and generate high-quality products at low cost.

  • Stimulate quality culture within the company to get attractive and interesting productive processes for collaborators.

  • Promote technological and scientific development for more efficient and profitable productive process.

  • Gain the loyalty of customers through the continuous evaluation of service satisfaction that is provided by our organization.